13 ways to balance and reconnect yourself


Everything in life is flowing and impermanent, which means we will constantly have to work on keeping ourselves present and balanced. Some days are easier to do this than others, and that’s okay. When we practice routines every day we build our strength. When I have a bad day or I am simply sad or angry or my old patterns of reactions haunt me, I have certain things I know will help me heal and guide me back to my true self and balance me. I thought I would make a list of these things, because I like having specific tools to turn to in these situations. It is important to note that these things work best with practice and the will to heal.



  1. Feed your body, feed your soul. Food alone will not heal you, but it is an important step, because our bodies are our temples in this human experience. Start your day with a proper breakfast and make sure you are very hydrated. Within the first hour of waking up I eat breakfast and drink at least 1 litre of either water or grapefruit juice.
  1. Move your body. Again, our body is a part of this experience and therefore also as important a tool as our mind. Start your day with at least 20 minutes of some kind of exercise.
  1. Listen to guided meditations – I can really recommend yourownmagic.life
  1. Be in nature. Now this one is extremely underrated. The only thing that helps me and calms me down when life gets me negatively worked up, is going for a long walk in the forest and a swim. Nature heals; it is scientifically proven to calm our nervous system – so use it.
  1. Meditate in nature. Go sit somewhere in nature, a quiet place and try to stop your thoughts. This is really what meditation is. To quiet your mind. Try to put any thoughts that appear on hold and be present. Close your eyes, sit with your palms facing upwards and listen. Sharpen your senses, smell the scent of your surroundings and listen to the sound of the leaves moving to the wind. Notice how the wind touches your palms. Our brain is like a muscle, it needs breaks.
  1. Write down things you are grateful for. This one is very important as well as it is also scientifically proven that we have the ability to rewire the neurons in our brain. Meaning that the more we focus on one thought, the more that thought becomes us. So if we constantly think positive things, we become happy. And the other way around.
  1. Listen to healing music, like medicine drums for example. Find songs that make you happy or make you feel strong and powerful and listen to them. Dance to them. Let go of your thoughts and let your body guide you.
  1. Get creative. Start colouring, drawing, painting, making jewellery, making pottery, whatever you think is challenging and fun. Getting creative is a great way to expand our mind and be present in the moment.
  1. Spend time alone. Get comfortable with being alone in silence, not stimulated by electronics. Learn to love your own company.
  1. Do something to help others. This will automatically make you feel good. Making a positive difference in this world is key to our own happiness. Go to the beach and collect garbage. Volunteer at homeless centres. The opportunities are endless.
  1. Use your breath. This is something that is extremely helpful when you feel yourself getting worked up in any way, but also just for everyday calmness. Draw your breath inwards while you count to 3 slowly, hold it while you count to 3 slowly, exhale while you count to 3 slowly, hold it while you count to 3 slowly and repeat about 4-6 times. You will instantly feel a sense of calmness in your entire body.
  1. Smile, even if you have to force it, again, research shows that smiling triggers muscle memory and therefore automatically improves your overall mood.
  2. Listen to self-development audio books – Some of my favourites are Silence and The art of living by Thich Nhat Hahn.

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